Behang: Sandberg, Villa Dalaro

Whilst hanging the season´s first laundry out to dry, we can´t help but wonder if this isn´t the loveliest smell there is? Or maybe it is the smell of the freshly baked bread we had this morning, the coffee we enjoyed out on the staircase, or possibly the smell of the freshly cut grass? Out in the garden the cat sneaks around, finally in his element after several lazy months indoors. The welcoming sound of the seagulls, the sound of summer, is here. The children laugh heartily whilst enjoying their first steps in the green summer grass. After enjoying our dinner in the garden, we wish to stay outdoors for just a little bit longer and so we wrap ourselves in blankets to stay warm. When it´s time to go inside, we can still hear the blackbird singing in the summer sky. We follow the flourishing vines of the wallpapers in to the cool bedroom where we cuddle up in crispy sheets with today´s summer memories as sweet company.
Villa Dalaro
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