Behang: Rasch, Sophie Charlotte

What do wallpapers and the aristocracy have in common? Both represent a love of the classical and the championing of time-honoured traditions. But the two often also share an appreciation for the beauty of nature and a lively desire to keep in step with the times. Yet any lingering doubt that the aristocracy and wallpapers can co-exist peacefully is dispelled with a grandiose discovery from 1926 revealed during a search of the Rasch archives.

In 2015, the collection so popular in 1926 is undergoing a revival. Using modern colours, the Bramsche studio is breathing new life into the antique but by no means antiquated patterns. Want to know what makes this collection truly special? Rasch is taking another pioneering step and producing these wallpapers as CO²-neutral products. In the process, the wallpaper manufacturer is supporting a reforestation project in Panama, and is committed not only to making our homes more beautiful, but also to preserving our forests.
Sophie Charlotte
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