Behang: Rasch, Factory II

Industrial chic is set to remain a major theme in interior-design trends. These days, you can buy entire décor ranges made of concrete; DIY fans have long been making their own favourite furniture out of recycled wood; and walls with rough edges and worn surfaces are highly trendy. Rasch is now ready to show you how even a house or apartment that is architecturally unspectacular can be turned into a home with an urbane loft look. And you can add a little bit of a retro feel or some modern chic to this look, just as you choose. Gleaming-cool marble, old driftwood, warm cork or cracked slate – in this collection you will find the natural surfaces and textures to give your walls real character. That's because small blemishes are more than welcome here, and – depending on your taste – provide hip coolness or warm homeliness. All you have to do is decide which story you want your walls to tell.
Factory II
De collectie Factory II:
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