Behang: Cole & Son, Fornasetti 2

Barnaba Fornasetti : We decided to make a second collection for Cole & Son wallpaper. I was thinking of doing something a little more than a normal wallpaper, to give the opportunity to have something to stick on the wall with some more fantasy, to be more creative: applying the wallpaper in a different way so that is not only a wallpaper but is something more.
So I decided to do vertical rolls and horizontal rolls, and rolls that can be combined together. For example, we have the clouds that can be combined with balustrades and flying machines. You can choose to make only clouds with the balustrade or only a piece of the flying machine with clouds, or as this example of trompe-l'œil can put together a bookcase, an armoire, some objects and a trompe-l'œil wallpaper, and open windows and you can decorate a room without furniture. And you can also put a sky, if you want to put the wallpaper on the ceiling, you can make it. So, it’s a different way to use wallpaper.
Fornasetti 2
De collectie Fornasetti 2:
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