Prachtige stijlvolle behang- en stoffen collectie van Brigitte von Boch.
Un Jour a Versailles.

Brigitte von Boch has turned a neglected farm property in Germany into a hotel as charming as the lady herself.

Nightime at the old manor of Linslerhof, and the night noises are as they have been for a thousand years. The stomp and chomp of the horses comes from the stables, and a flap of wings signals an owl off on its evening tasks. Somewhere, a dog bays at the stars sprinkled over its head, and a cow ruminates, as shutters are latched with a click.

A few of the old, low buildings with their orange-file roofs now shelter dreamers instead of sacks of grain, however. In one window, a light still shines as a bather soaks in a deep tub; in the next room, riding boots lie sprawled next to the bed, while their owner eases the duvet over his shoulders and slips into sleep with a sigh.

And as these guests settle in, Brigitte von Boch--whose grand design has created this luxurious hotel from a rambling collection of farm buildings--settles herself for the drive home over the sharp little hills of the Saarland, in Germany's western corner. Linslerhof is von Boch's project and pride, the place where she has exercised her considerable taste and surpassing charm to create a small country-house hotel on one of the many properties belonging to the von Boch family. That's Boch as in Villeroy & Boch, the ceramics company celebrating its 250th anniversary this year--and one of Europe's most successful commercial empires. …

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