Behang: Braquenié, Adélaïde

Determined to preserve the unique expertise, elegance and refinement particular to the Maison Braquenié and to express the passion that arises from 18th century archives, we used a variety of printing techniques that enhance the beauty of these designs wonderfully. All of the documents come from our archives with the exception of Canton, which is stored in the Toile de Jouy museum, and Rozière, which comes from a private collection.
Maximum authenticity is achieved through the use of traditional techniques to apply flat areas of color, similar to block printing from the past. To ensure a more vivid reinterpretation and sensitivity of the colors, we opted for gravure and flexography printing techniques, which allow for subtle gradations of color. For a more whimsical effect, we chose flocking, whereby the pattern is picked out in a fine layer of velvet-like material.
Equally as important as the choice of pattern, the colors are judiciously distributed. For most products, there is both an original version that retains an antique feel and more up-to-date versions that suit contemporary or modern decor perfectly.
These 12 patterns are printed on very high quality, non-woven paper.

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